4×4 Aftermarket Accessories

​How to Pick the Right 4×4 Aftermarket Accessories

With so many 4×4 aftermarket accessories available nowadays, it can be challenging to narrow down what you need for your car. The idea of customising your vehicle entirely is an exciting one, but unless you have an endless supply of cash, you’re going to need to keep your modifications to things you’ll use. At KBI Offroad, we’re often asked for our advice on selecting aftermarket 4×4 parts, so we thought we’d put together a brief guide on picking the right accessories for your vehicle.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing 4x4 Aftermarket Accessories

Before you start putting together a shopping list of all the 4WD aftermarket parts you’d like, there are a few things you should take into consideration.

  • What are you actually going to use? Consider the practicality of each accessory carefully before committing to it. Where do you usually take the car when you go offroad? The bush? The beach? The outback? There’s no sense in getting accessories you won’t use.

  • Are you planning to sell your car soon? While 4WD aftermarket accessories are great for people who love a good adventure, they may be a hindrance on a buyer who doesn’t need them. We’re sure there’s a buyer out there who thinks your car is perfect, but you’ll want to appeal to a broader audience just in case that buyer doesn’t see your listing.

  • Is your car still under warranty? Certain aftermarket 4×4 parts will void your warranty the moment they’re installed. Other accessories will only cancel the warranty if they cause specific problems, which can vary from part to part. The team at KBI Offroad can assess your vehicle and discuss the risks and rewards of each 4×4 aftermarket part so you can make an entirely informed decision.

​Four 4WD Aftermarket Parts Everyone Could Use For Offroad Adventures

After decades of experience servicing and fitting aftermarket 4×4 parts, there are a few accessories that we see almost every 4WD owner install for their offroad adventures.

  • Snorkels. These fantastic accessories stop dirt, water, and debris getting into your engine and bonnet, so they’re ideal for offroad adventures on any terrain.

  • Underbody armour. You must protect your tires and the car’s underbody, especially the radiator, sump, and other valuable parts from rocks and debris. Underbody armour is an investment in security on rockier terrain.

  • Recovery gear. Trust us; you’d much rather be the person who invests in a recovery kit and never uses it than the one who doesn’t have one when they need it. Every offroad 4×4 driver should have a decent recovery kit ready to go.

  • Suspension kits. A premium suspension system is a must-have for anyone travelling offroad. You’re investing in underbody protection, better clearance, and steeper climbs, so it’s worth considering. If you need to chat further about a suspension system upgrade, give the team at KBI Offroad a call. 

What Sets KBI Offroad Apart?

There are a few reasons that more 4×4 owners choose KBI Offroad for their services and 4WD aftermarket accessories.

  • Genuine passion. We’re an Aussie-owned and operated business, and we started this business out of real love for 4WDs and offroad experiences. We want to know exactly what you need from your vehicle, and we’ll take care of it as though it were our own. As experts in the industry, there’s not a lot we can’t do to make sure your car is performing at its best.

  • Unmatched experience and knowledge. The team at KBI Offroad has over 25 years of experience in servicing vehicles and selling accessories. We specialise in kitting out 4WDs for incredible Australian adventures, so we’ll use our extensive mechanical and automotive experience to make sure you’re ready for your next offroad adventure.

  • Unparalleled customer service. Without our brilliant customers, our business wouldn’t exist. We value every person who walks through our doors, and we make sure they know it. We’re here to deliver the best possible service, so when you contact KBI Offroad; you’re guaranteed to receive professional, compassionate, personalised customer service.

When You Need 4x4 Aftermarket Accessories, Head To KBI Offroad

KBI Offroad is proud to have a team of dedicated automotive mechanics with more than 25 years of experience. No matter what make and model your 4WD may be, our team can provide a comprehensive service, implement any repairs or replacements necessary, and recommend accessories we think would take your offroad adventures to the next level. When you contact KBI Offroad, you’re guaranteed to receive a professional and tailored service. If you’re after 4WD aftermarket accessories, make sure you drop by KBI Offroad to check out our extensive range! Alternatively, you can contact us with any questions you may have, and we’d be happy to have a chat.

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