​How to Pick the Right 4x4 Aftermarket Accessories

With so many 4x4 aftermarket accessories available nowadays, it can be challenging to narrow down what you need for your car. The idea of customising your vehicle entirely is an exciting one, but unless you have an endless supply of cash, you’re going to need to keep your modifications to things you’ll use. At KBI Offroad, we’re often asked for our advice on selecting aftermarket 4x4 parts, so we thought we’d put together a brief guide on picking the right accessories for your vehicle.

4x4 Snorkels: Here’s Why You Need One

Contrary to popular belief, a 4x4 snorkel fitting isn’t just for crossing rivers and waterways. At KBI Offroad, we understand the value and importance of a safari snorkel installation on any 4WD destined for offroad use.

Signs You Should Get a Car Suspension Replacement

When we use our car every day, it can be hard to know when our suspension system is on the fritz. A lot of people will wait until their vehicle is no longer driving smoothly to get a car suspension replacement, but there are a lot of other signs of which you need to be aware.

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