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Signs You Should Get a Car Suspension Replacement

When we use our car every day, it can be hard to know when our suspension system is on the fritz. A lot of people will wait until their vehicle is no longer driving smoothly to get a car suspension replacement, but there are a lot of other signs of which you need to be aware. A functioning, safe suspension system is so crucial for the safety of your vehicle and passengers, so the team at KBI Offroad take repairs, replacements, and upgrades very seriously. If you recognise any of these problems in your car, give us a call to book in a service.

5 Tell-tale Signs You Need Car Suspension Repairs

Make sure you keep an eye out for these signs whenever you’re driving both on-road and offroad, as their pretty clear signs you need car suspension repairs. 

  • You feel every bump. If your car is making strange noises when it hits bumps or you feel like you’re driving a dirt track when you’re actually on the highway, you need to get your suspension system checked ASAP.

  • You have difficulty steering. If the steering is heavy, it could be a sign of low steering fluid, or it could be an issue with your suspension. This includes drifting or pulling through turns, as there could be a problem with your shocks.

  • Uneven tire treads. Your tires should be wearing at a pretty even rate, but if one side is more worn than the other, it indicates that your suspension isn’t holding the car’s weight evenly.

  • Nosedives when stopping. Worn shocks can make the car feel like it’s moving forward and downward when you hit the brakes. It can also make the car shudder when you’re coming to a stop. If you notice your car nosediving, you need to address the issue immediately, as this is increasing your stop time, putting other road users at risk. 

  • Your shocks are oily. If you can, take a look under your car at the shocks. If they’re oily, they may be leaking which means they’re not working. You’ll need to look at organising a car suspension replacement.

The Benefits of a Car Suspension Upgrade

Even if your suspension system is working for now, you may be considering a car suspension upgrade sometime soon. There are several advantages to upgrading early.

  • Better handling on-road and offroad. If you’re looking for more control when you drive, a car suspension upgrade might be just the thing. 

  • Better load capacity. Improving your suspension system can increase the amount of gear you can take with you. If you’re always wishing you could take more stuff when camping, a car suspension upgrade will give you a little extra room. 

  • A more comfortable ride. When you’re out for a drive, you don’t want to be bouncing around feeling all the bumps. You want the smooth ride a car suspension replacement and shock absorbers can offer.

Why Are KBI Offroad So Popular Amongst 4WD Enthusiasts?

KBI Offroad hasn’t been around forever, but already we’re favourites amongst 4WD enthusiasts in the area.

  • Unmatched experience and knowledge. The team at KBI Offroad has over 25 years of experience in servicing vehicles and selling 4×4 aftermarket accessories. We specialise in kitting out 4WDs for incredible Australian adventures, so we’ll use our extensive mechanical and automotive experience to make sure you’re ready for your next offroad adventure.

  • Genuine passion. We’re an Aussie-owned and operated business, and we started this business out of real love for 4WDs and offroad experiences. We want to know exactly what you need from your vehicle, and we’ll take care of it as though it were our own. As experts in the industry, there’s not a lot we can’t do to make sure your car is performing at its best. 

  • Unparalleled customer service. Without our brilliant customers, our business wouldn’t exist. We value every person who walks through our doors, and we make sure they know it. We’re here to deliver the best possible service, so when you contact KBI Offroad; you’re guaranteed to receive professional, compassionate, personalised customer service.

If you’re After Car Suspension Replacement, Contact KBI Offroad Today

KBI Offroad is proud to have a team of dedicated automotive mechanics with more than 25 years of experience. No matter what make and model your 4WD may be, our team can provide a comprehensive service, implement any repairs or replacements necessary, and recommend accessories we think would take your offroad adventures to the next level. When you contact KBI Offroad, you’re guaranteed to receive a professional and tailored service. If you’re thinking about getting car suspension repairs, replacement, or an upgrade, don’t hesitate to reach out to KBI Offroad today. 

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